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Portrait by dadenko Portrait by dadenko
An 11 X 14 inch acrylic on Cresent Illustration Board. A representational piece for a woman I once knew. Beauty, tension, self-destructiveness, storms, photography. A few of the 'sub-illustrations' in this work went on to be paintings in their own right, The fence link became several works with fences. The bullet was one smaller painting and is the center point of one in progress right now. The eye was repainted from a portrait of the gal I'd done prior to this one.
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eliana-moran Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
i've watched you and had a few of your things as favs for a while, but i rarely take the time to comment since i'm not a visual artist and have little to add that would be constructive and figure the fav alert would be enough, but on this one...

i love the idea. the representational portrait...i think you may have created one of the most insightful images of a woman without showing any more of -her- than an eye. it's absolutely fantastic and resonates deeply with the philosopher/mystic that far too often gets sacrificed to daily existence.
eliana-moran Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
oh, and just as a side note, even if you hadn't explained that it's a portrait, that's how i would have interpreted it. heh, i'm not sure i would have been able to see anything else even you had an alternative explanation.
hippyofdoom Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2006
lovely idea! The woman must be so flattered having something so beautiful come from you knowing her!
evergreenartist Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2006
I am soooooooooooooooooo impressed with it.
sevenwillow Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2006  Professional General Artist
love this!
greenandwinged Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2006
You just never cease to amaze me. Your figurative and literal representation together is so subtely intense that sometimes I can't tell what's what, but it's always beautiful.
MissusHow Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2006  Student Artist
Mm. The pictures themselves are amazing. I don't think I would have incorporated them like you did, but I guess it's all a matter of style. Awesome, dade.
NiKaF Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2006
youre astetics are magnificant.. its well done..
but without the explanation I woundnt know whats the conection of all the picturse..
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September 19, 2006
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