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Working on some strange artwork, for the holidays.
Either the proceeds will buy gifts if they sell, if they don't it'll be some very odd gifts for loved ones.

Ready for six Wild games over the next twelve days beginning tonight with the Edmonton Oilers.
I like the Western roadtrips. Hockey's great late night entertainment.

Still not much snow to speak of here, which is fine.
I'm dreading winter this year. Was hoping to be in Jacksonville for a couple of months but that hasn't worked out.
Looks like it'll be the greenhouse at the Walker sculpture garden if I wanna lay my head down on some grass.

Interesting to learn of Josef Stalin's daughter death today.
Apparently she'd been living just across the St. Croix, a stones throw away.
Proper geography for her final repose, in the heart of NeoCapitalism, Wisconsin.
Hope she finds peace in death, and can avoid the necrotic moustache her genetics may have in store for her.

More later, gotta shop a bit before that ol puck drops at The Rexall Center.
  • Listening to: Le Sauvage's pregame, of course.
  • Reading: about Terazenstadt, Czech Rep
  • Watching: some gold leaf sizing set up
  • Playing: ESPN's U Pickem Challenge
  • Eating: What else, cold turkey
  • Drinking: Canada Dry Ginger Ale
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November 30, 2011


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