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This holiday season found me doing some store decorations for the local grocery chain(s) of Byerly's & Lunds as well as delivering packages for UPS here in my (new) rural neighborhood. The latter being to stay busy and make a little money while waiting for my new position at Triton Printing to commence, a position for which I interviewed, and accepted prior to Christmas.

For those who are unaware, I recently moved to a small town just west of the Twin Cities, about where silos begin to outnumber cell towers and train whistles narrowly trump jet noise in the prevailing soundscape. It's a mix of small towns, a few of which were in my territory, and miles and miles of rural routes, farmsteads, horse ranches and just people living a quiet life in the country.

As it turns out, delivering parcels is an unrivalled means of familiarizing one's self with an area, the people who reside there and their lifestyles. The days were very long and very cold but punctuated with interesting sights and events. I regret not having the time to stop and photograph the many beautiful and unexpected things I encountered on my route but many linger on my mind, inspiring thoughts and perhaps ideas for future artwork. 

Foremost amongst those being the candid and often repeated daily peeks at the local wildlife. From a flock of wild turkey meandering a majestic stand of ancient Black Walnut trees to cresting a hill on a farm drive at dusk to behold a dozen whitetail deer gathering on the road to benefit the remaining heat from the sun's shortened winter arc. Late one afternoon I saw a string of four coyotes trotting the tree line, noses down, between a dense forest and a horse pasture. So surprised was I by them that my first thought was to wonder how so many dogs could look so absolutely identical to one another. They vanished immediately, magically, into the woods that shared their exact hues.

Dogs were an interesting condition of the job, and one I hadn't fully considered upon accepting it. Most farm dogs were enthused by my quick visits. Happy to take a break from lazily watching horses or dairy cattle to greet an infrequent visitor to their realm. In an environment and job wrought with cold, few things warmed my heart like the wagging tails and friendly gestures of a friendly farm dog. My favorite was a rather rotund Black Lab mix at an isolated Orchard Road home near Waconia. At first glance, with scale aside, he looked like a Black Bear in a rocking gallop heading down the long drive to greet me. By far the friendliest dog I met. I was disappointed that I did not have another delivery to his house other than the one the day I met him. At another country home, the dog was so mean spirited, I was advised by our dispatch to stay on the package car, open the door slightly and simply throw the delivery towards the garage. I was amused to learn later that it was dog food I was delivering there. I learned to carry an extra package with me up to the doors of some places, something of significant size and length to hold between myself and any unruly dogs rather than returning to the vehicle empty handed. The need for this was rare but prudent and comforting when it did arise.

All in all it was quite worthwhile, taking on this rather obscure temporary work. The people I met and the things I learned made the experience one I am the better for.

I recently began my work at Triton Printing in nearby Eden Prairie. It is unfolding into everything I'd hoped it would be, and then some. The owners are great guys, as are my co-workers and the working relationship is one of complete equity and balance. I bring a ton of artistic ability to them as well as welcome creative problem solving and mechanical (maintenance) ability and they're offering me a golden opportunity to learn some equipment and processes I've always wanted to undertake and master. I should also be able to do accomplish some very high quality printing of my artwork. Down the road their plan includes expansion into conceiving and producing some three dimensional works, animatronics and props for trade shows, film, television and theatre. Some very fun stuff for us artsy types.

Well, there's a long overdue update. More soon if I'm so moved and can find the time. My internal clock is beginning to notice the gradually lengthening daylight and I'm feeling more energetic than I have in weeks. I hope my artist friends around the world are all well and happy and having fun continuing with business of the creation of our world.

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Well as I mentioned, I 'm no longer working at the hangar and after a couple short ventures into other types of work have decided to somehow do artwork again full-time.

With another Minnesota winter bearing down shortly I'm also contemplating a move. Somewhere warmer and kinder. 

My little sister has just settled near the Space Coast of Florida and there are a few other vicinities of the country I'm considering. Las Vegas & Nashville (or southern Kentucky) are also in the mix.


In the meanwhile I'm doing a little more painting, a little tattooing for family & close friends and am helping a writer pal with a horror/sci-fi film project. I'm going to store most of my things (save for my art tools, some clothing and a few essentials) find a place to be temporarily and save the money needed for a move, hopefully before the weather turns too ugly.

If anyone's awfully fond of where they're residing and wants to contribute to my decision as to where I might live and do art, I'm entirely open and would welcome and appreciate the input.

My only requirements are that it be somewhere no colder or darker in duration than here in the southern half of Minnesota and someplace one can readily find decent employment (anything really). Water of some sort would be nice to have nearby too. Lakes, a river, the ocean, anything.



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As usual, it's been a while since I've posted here on my dA cache.


This summer's been a mixed bag so far. Work at the hangar has been plodding along. Much less flying than last summer. If I'm to be honest, work on, and around those old warplanes is beginning to become mundane and uninteresting. Never imagined that would actually happen. Maybe it's the fickle Gemini inside or the fact that a good part of my youth was spent around such aircraft. At any rate, the novelty and excitement has waned decidedly. To go from rebuilding engines and fabricating parts with a fair amount of flying in the mix to being a glorified janitor has been disappointing.


I also simply miss being creative, doing my art and tattooing. It is my desire and intention to return to doing those things which make me most happy and content in a focused manner over the next month or so.


For anyone interested, my Dad is doing much better these days. He'll never be quite the person he was before being taken ill but it's great to both have him back in Minnesota and to see his body in generally good health these days, for nearing nine decades of wear and tear anyway. Through my experiences with him over the past couple years I've concluded that if you live long enough, you'll get just about every ailment or condition imaginable. His tenacity to survive is truly amazing. I'll admit, I'm not so certain I'll have the same will to grind on when my demise is on deck.


Okay, hope all my friends and acquaintances in the northern hemisphere are enjoying a great summer and the rest of you are making due and sitting tight for summer's turn where you are. These few short months of civil weather unwind entirely too quickly. I already sense too clearly many ambitions I'd hatched for the season falling away. Fishing, ghost hunting, travel, all sucking hind teat, replaced by the day to day challenge to be everything and everywhere expected of me. Indeed what is needed is a step back or shifting of gears. Time for some random acts of kindness, directed inward.


Going to post some recent tattoo work shortly and hopefully some new paintings and other projects in the near future.    




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Quite a while since I've posted anything here on DeviantArt, images or words. Working lots on all three airplanes over the past several months. Now that winter's eminent there'll be decidedly less flying of, and work on, our Grumman (HU-16) Albatross. Not so fun flying north to play on lakes when they're frozen solid. We're going to begin annuals on all the aircraft to get them to a winter maintenance and rework schedule. This should mean steady work at the hangar through the winter and I look forward to that.

I've done a little tattoo work in the past few weeks and will post things as I get them downloaded. Meanwhile am beginning a couple of Halloween themed pieces as well as a painting I owe someone for a bet I lost almost a year ago. Anyway, I'm looking forward to just working on the planes and doing some plain 'ol painting over the next several months.

My Dad's doing entirely better, both mentally and physically. Looks like the hard work and time spent back and forth to Florida was worth it. He's now here in the Twin Cities and enjoying the relative closeness of his loved ones. Even took him up flying a few weeks ago and it's amazing how it all came back to him. He flew backseat in an SNJ (see photo in my dA scrapbook) and as soon as he was strapped in began recalling details about the plane, even though it'd been 63 years since he'd flown one, he was right at home. Asked for the plane as soon as it was off the ground and headed straight up to 3,000 feet, trimmed up the plane and headed west to buzz Lake Minnetonka.

On the horizon...Shrek and I are going to New York City in a couple of weeks. I'm very much anticipating this and it sems like forever since I've been there. Kinda pissed that our Sauvages our locked out and can'r wait until the battle of the millionaires ends so we can watch some hockey. Lots to say about the upcomoimg election but will save that for a seperate posting. Like a good Gemini, I could go on and on but have some fun things to get to this afternoon and evening. Hope everyone is well.

More soon.
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Having a great Spring and can't wait til the Summer heat revisits the Northland.

Lots of work these days although most of it on the old birds.

Not many tattoos or artwork. I miss doing both and hope to change this soon.

I'm quite busy at the hanger as a preferred flying season unfolds, especially for the seaplane.

With a couple mechanics in Austria putting the rebuilt Pratt & Whitneys on the other Howard, I'm busy as hell here.

This morning was a hoot. Forty or so 5 year olds from a school in Hopkins toured our hanger and climbed around in the aircraft.

Lots of smiles and fun questions.

I think we had a future aviator in the group...

One adorable little gal refused to relenquish her seat in the cockpit upon discovering the control surfaces moving as she pushed, pulled and turned on the yoke.

More soon,

Happy Friday, hope everyone has a great weekend.

Go Twins!
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Looking forward to a Minnesota Spring.
My Dad's here in the Twin Cities and doing much better physically and mentally.
I've enjoyed having him nearer and especially listening to his stories before that library burns.

Just finished a big project at work.
Two Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Radial engines for the Howard Aero 500 that's been based in Europe.
Complete rebuilds of the 18 cylinder beasts that will now roar like it's 1944.
We started the task around the holidays and it'd been a consuming, constant and detailed undertaking as we had to remanufacture a good amount of parts and components ourselves which was a lot of great fun and experience.

This project was particularly meaningful, nearly sacred, to me because these engines are the exact issue which powered the first fighter plane my Father flew, a Grumman F6F Hellcat of VF-32 operating from the USS Cabot in Pacific during the later stages of World War II. It also powered aircraft he flew later in his career as a Naval Aviator, the Chance Vought F4U Corsair and Grumman F8F Bearcat and the McDonnell Douglass C-54 Transport to name a few.

Hopefully I'll get some photos of the project up here when I have the time to go through them all and edit some.

Looking forward to a little time away from the hanger, doing some artwork and perhaps taking a short trip somewhere.
My friend Mark and I are probably going to New York for a couple days soon.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who's helped me through this last year of nutsiness with my Dad's sickness but a special thanks to Brian, Ryan and Tony at TP Aero for keeping my mind and hands busy doing something important and so very near and dear to my heart working on those vintage aircraft.
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Working on some strange artwork, for the holidays.
Either the proceeds will buy gifts if they sell, if they don't it'll be some very odd gifts for loved ones.

Ready for six Wild games over the next twelve days beginning tonight with the Edmonton Oilers.
I like the Western roadtrips. Hockey's great late night entertainment.

Still not much snow to speak of here, which is fine.
I'm dreading winter this year. Was hoping to be in Jacksonville for a couple of months but that hasn't worked out.
Looks like it'll be the greenhouse at the Walker sculpture garden if I wanna lay my head down on some grass.

Interesting to learn of Josef Stalin's daughter death today.
Apparently she'd been living just across the St. Croix, a stones throw away.
Proper geography for her final repose, in the heart of NeoCapitalism, Wisconsin.
Hope she finds peace in death, and can avoid the necrotic moustache her genetics may have in store for her.

More later, gotta shop a bit before that ol puck drops at The Rexall Center.
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Wow, what a past six months it's been.
Since my Dad was taken ill in early March I've only been home about 6 or 7 weeks.
I like Florida fine but wasn't planning on spending a spring & summer there doing what I've been doing.

Dad's out of the woods (for now) and I brought him back in the Twin Cities.
He can be closer to loved ones and I can have a break, try to rebuild my life and move on.

I've missed horribly having a normal life, my tattooing and other art, my friends and spring and in the Land O' Lakes.

I've lost my home and will be moving to a place in Richfield this weekend.
Have some plans on how to get things rolling again and Hopefully I'll have some good news about that to post.

Take care, God bless
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Consider the breadth of the unknown.
Be not forgetful to entertian strangers,
   ...for thereby many have entertained angels unaware.


Laying low, watching all the white outside, boning up on tattoo skills and trying to get through another Minnesota winter without sticking my head in the oven.

Reconnected with my old friend Sean Peterson recently and am looking forward to collaborating
on some creative ventures with him.

Finished rewatching the first 2 seasons of Breaking Bad with my brother Paul. It's restored hope in the future of television for me. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in some artfully done, intense story telling. Very well written, cast and acted. 10 stars+

Missing Christine alot these days. Visited her grave a couple weeks ago between snowfalls to say hi and make her a snow angel.

Hope everyone in the northern hemisphere is enjoying winter as well as can be expected. Hope everyone else invites me down for a visit!
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Now that I'm underemployed, I've gotten back on the painting horse. Look for a few new pieces in the near future. Also been working on designs for a couple of upcoming tattoos.
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Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and enjoys a happy and healthy New Year.

I was laid off from CEC 10 days ago. No more painting aliens and animals on amusement park attractions! I'm forging ahead with several art projects I've been putting off and pursuing work in the skin art field so wish me luck.

The connection with people while doing tattoos is a perfect fit for the sociable Gemini I am. It's an entirely different kind of artwork and so far I'm enjoying it very much.
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...since I've been on my DeviantArt site. An update on things artistic... I've been a fledgling tattoo artist now for about 6 months and done about 2 dozen or so with great results. It's a very different kind of artwork to do. It was definitely a bit intimidating at first but I've settled into the reality of the permanence of the work. I'm very hapy with how they all look but I'm still much slower than I'll need to be to do it professionally if I choose to do so. I'll post all the photos I have of the tattoos I've done over the summer when I get the photos sized and figure out how to have a seperate cache for them here on dA.

Thanks to everyone for continuing to check this site to see what I'm up to. Anyone interested may request to befriend me on Facebook. I'd love to see some of my old friends from here do that as well as newer ones. Just Search David D. Koloc (Minnesota) in the Facebook search engine and we can network there too.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and productive autumn.
Watch for the tat photos soon and I look forward to reading what everyone thinks of my new artistic venture.

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Great Twin's win last night. Can't beat a walk-off grand-slam in extra innings to end a tight one.
Looking forward to live racing beginning at Canterbury Downs this weekend. Terry and I will be out there putting our long hours of research to the test on Saturday afternoon. Hope the weather's decent.
Work is picking up again. Many of our customers who sat on money through the winter are gearing up to have an active spring and summer now so the purse strings are loosening and we're selling things again. It's nice to see the shop really bustling again and people very busy, including me. I really miss doing art when we're slow so the change is welcome.
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Had a great time ghosthunting for the first time of the season last night, with two new people to the fun and long time friend and fellow ghost hunter Markus.
We went to St. Mary's Cemetery at St. Mary's Catholic church in New Trier Mn. It was chillier than we'd planned on but the sky was really clear and it was a beautiful night out. Half moon and really breezy.
As per tradition, we let a new person to the activity choose the spot to settle. Maia led us through the cemetery in the dark before settling on a nice sheltered spot with enough room for our equipment, chairs, cooler and such. When we turned on our lights to unpack and set up, there leaning against the tree nearest Maia was half a broken tombstone with her birthday on it. It was from the late 18OO's and obviously had seen it's last winter, broken and been placed there, perhaps by groundskeepers. It was a good omen and an interesting way to start the first outing of the year.
Had a relatively uneventful time, until we were leaving. That's when Markus got rubbed/touched on the head by someone/something. It was about ten seconds after we ran out of tape so this was interesting.
When reviewing pics and audio at home we found my roommate Maia got a beautiful photo of a what can be described as an entire "family of orbs" over a relatively new grave (a month or less). Plenty of other shots with lens flares and other misleading but disgenuine images, however this shot is the real deal.
When we get it off the Mac I'll put a copy of it in my scraps for all to see, sometime this week. We still have a lot of audio to go over but of what we've heard thus far, nothing of interest. It's our wxperience the spring can be a difficult or inactive time to ghost hunt. We look forward to the heat of summer and the relative comfort of getting out then.
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Could this week have eaten any more snails?
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  • Reading: Betting on Horse Racing
  • Watching: Tufts of smoke from Nag Champa
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  • Eating: Famoud Dave's Leftovers
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Finally folks.
What a difference some sunshine makes after the long winter.
Supposed to snow again Sunday...
3 to 6 inches.
What the h-e-double hockey sticks, live for today right?

Had a root canal yesterday.
Endodontic Thursday I'm calling it.
Always seem to get those suckers on thursdays.
Live it Love it Fill it.
Seriously, it was the kindest one I've had, or (sadly) I'm simply getting used to them.
Guess I'm just not ready to say goodbye to my pearly off-whites quite yet.
When I was a kid we had this dentist (I'll name him since he's deceased and was a horrible dentist anyway), Dr McCollow DDS, who never met a tooth he didn't want to hollow out and fill. Hmmm, what should we fill this one with? I know... Toxins!
Anyway, teeth are now falling apart and giving up fillings the size of canned hams. I'm not alone either, my brothers are all experiencing the same expensive aftermath of this fellow.
I know now why they said he "practiced dentistry".
"It puts the lotion on it's skin or it gets the hose again".
Oh well, it's just teeth, and pain, and money.
Don't pet the sweaty things, I always say.

Gotta go. The Wild are on the telly and I have to return to work this evening to finish off a giant octopus which ships out first thing monday morning.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you... Elizabeth Koloc. My Mother's namesake and a honey of a niece.
Eighteen. You aren't joining the Marine Corps too are you?
We'll celebrate, we'll go to the casino some night soon. We'll laugh, we'll cry, I'll show you how to play poker and not leave til lunchtime the next day when you've finally made rent.

Laundry's done.
Fare well for now.
Indibidibly yours,
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I'm sick of several things just now.
One being... It getting all nice out, then turning cold and grey again.
Enough is enough.
I want to;
feel like waking up in the morning,
feel like shaving my ugly face,
have an appetite again, I'm up to the fourth hole in my belt for Chris'sake,
feel some sunshine on my face,
wear my sandals again,
swim... outside,
use my sunroof,
See women's legs again,
Catch a walleye,
Catch a Twins game,
Sit outside Spyhouse and sketch,
Go ghost hunting,
Swing my clubs,
You know, play a round,
Swing my partner,
You know, play around,
meat on the grill,
greet on the mill,
be bare footed,
be fair booted,
Have you ever been pulled over at oh, say 3:30 on the way back from the casino and had to recite the alphabet to a police officer? You practically have to spell it out for them!
I have more divining rods than I can shake a stick at.
It's enough to drive a fellow batty.
Picture me with my hands up next to my head which is shaking back and forth frantically, my mouth is agape.
O.K., now stop.
Instead think of sheep, or, no, no, no..I know...little candies,
The pink kind in the crystal dish on your Aunts dining room thingy by the Steinway & Sons that looked and tasted like little disks of dried up tooth paste.
Speaking of toothpaste, that's something one could really use in the middle of that one dream. You know the one I'm talking about. The dream after the monkey dream, whether he brings the car back or not, you're still out in the middle of Iowa so just wake up, have a smoke and be grateful that you're the boss of your dreams.
Lately I've been on this kick, to find the worlds best punchlines so you don't have to waste alot of time with a whole joke.
Alot of people can't remember a punchline for the life of them anyway so they could just be quiet for a change.
Punchlines such as...
"Wrecked'em? Hell it killed him".

Alright, I'm also sick of painting white caps on waves on water-slides. Especially given if we were to set one up outside tonight it would promptly freeze.
I'm sick of the Wild losing hockey games.
At this point, they should just be wearing white figure skates.

I've reconnected with my friend Shawn, :iconshawnvanbriesen:, who's home from California. It's nice to see him. I'm accustomed to being rather transient when it comes to friends, and people generally in my life. Here, then gone. It's artistically energizing to have an old creative friend in town, not to mention good for the soul to have a good friend back.

Congrats to Jamie and Edison,
It's a girl, Carmen.
Eddy, get ready to sell your Charger.

Doing my fifth tattoo this weekend hopefully.
Tattooing is'nt as tough as I thought it might be but I'm slow and careful right now. Don't wanna screw up anything so meaningful and permanent on anyone.
I'll try to get some pics of my tat work up on the site soon.
I'm gearing up for my 3 brothers and our little sister Katie. We're all getting the same thing in the same place but I don't know who'll do mine. I want my little brother Terry to just use my gun and do it. He's do fine but so far he's uneasy about the notion.

Alright, I'm gonna shut up for a few days. Gotta pick up a bit and see what my housemate, :iconkozlik: is up to in the kitchen.

Let's hear those punchlines folks,
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  • Listening to: Canadian Geese fly north out my window
  • Reading: Primo Levi, he was the best kind of human.
  • Watching: Canadian Geese fly north out my window
  • Playing: Production artist
  • Eating: Granola Bars
  • Drinking: Coffee, cream and sugar
I've been working nights cause the paint I've been using on some rides is pretty toxic. Don't want to make my fellow amusement park attraction workers breathe it all day. I really like working alone and at night in the shop as well as having a few mornings free to live like I used to, like the Bohemian I am. Gotta win that lottery so I can sleep late and have many more lazy espressoed mornings in my own dumb company.
The weather's finally turning civilized around here and I can feel my energy level rising with each longer day of sunlight.
The geese flying by outside are captivating.
They seem to fly in endlessly large flocks and the noise that eminates from these 'fluttering clouds' of gray and black commands attention.
"Honk If You Love Jesus" a sticker on one of their butts read.
This explains it.
Sadly I must gear up for work. Been painting white caps on water-slides all week.
More today, and tomorrow. Oh well, pays the bills and supports my habits, good and bad alike.
More soon.

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  • Playing: Winter Possum
  • Eating: Sun Chips on my lunch break
  • Drinking: Coffee, cream and sugar
...from yet another disappearance.
Won't even try to catch up with everything which has transpired since last journalling.
I'm still painting amusement park attractions for Cutting Edge. Appropriate given the "roller coaster" nature of my personal life as of late. Looking forward to some melting and finally, spring.
Big things..
Moved to Eagan, Minnesota this past Labor Day (Sept. 1st for the non-domestic readers), a south suburb of Saint Paul. It's closer to the factory where I do  production art and I'm enjoying my new digs. It's nice to get out of the city every opnce in a while. It's peaceful at night, there's plenty of amenities nearby and we've a fireplace and a swimming pool as wellas indoor heated parking. Plenty of room to do artwork and it's inspiring to live with another creative soul again.
I'm now living with fellow dEVIANT Artist Kozlik, who moved here from Seattle to explore her newest country of residence and do photography. Experienceing her first Minnesota winter has been fun to witness and I must say she's done much better than I'd have done had I not grown up around such nasty winter temps. I'm very proud of her and she's the most graceful, kind, interesting and beautiful person I've ever had the joy of sharing a home with.
Looking forward to getting out ghost hunting soon, and doing some fishing too this summer amoungst other things.
More soon. I always say this but mean it sincerely this time.
Thanks to everyone who's kept the faith with my site or e-mailed me to stay in personal touch.
Bye for now