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As usual, it's been a while since I've posted here on my dA cache.


This summer's been a mixed bag so far. Work at the hangar has been plodding along. Much less flying than last summer. If I'm to be honest, work on, and around those old warplanes is beginning to become mundane and uninteresting. Never imagined that would actually happen. Maybe it's the fickle Gemini inside or the fact that a good part of my youth was spent around such aircraft. At any rate, the novelty and excitement has waned decidedly. To go from rebuilding engines and fabricating parts with a fair amount of flying in the mix to being a glorified janitor has been disappointing.


I also simply miss being creative, doing my art and tattooing. It is my desire and intention to return to doing those things which make me most happy and content in a focused manner over the next month or so.


For anyone interested, my Dad is doing much better these days. He'll never be quite the person he was before being taken ill but it's great to both have him back in Minnesota and to see his body in generally good health these days, for nearing nine decades of wear and tear anyway. Through my experiences with him over the past couple years I've concluded that if you live long enough, you'll get just about every ailment or condition imaginable. His tenacity to survive is truly amazing. I'll admit, I'm not so certain I'll have the same will to grind on when my demise is on deck.


Okay, hope all my friends and acquaintances in the northern hemisphere are enjoying a great summer and the rest of you are making due and sitting tight for summer's turn where you are. These few short months of civil weather unwind entirely too quickly. I already sense too clearly many ambitions I'd hatched for the season falling away. Fishing, ghost hunting, travel, all sucking hind teat, replaced by the day to day challenge to be everything and everywhere expected of me. Indeed what is needed is a step back or shifting of gears. Time for some random acts of kindness, directed inward.


Going to post some recent tattoo work shortly and hopefully some new paintings and other projects in the near future.    




  • Listening to: Coldplay, Viva La Vida
  • Reading: National Geographic
  • Watching: 'Bate's Motel' catch up. Twins Base
  • Eating: Chicken, Risotto & Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Drinking: Home brewed Iced Mochas
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Submitted on
July 8, 2013